History oF The Club

The Buffalo Curling Club has a long and rich history, dating back to the 1860s. The club has hosted a number of national and international curling events, and it is a member of the Grand National Curling Club, the governing body of curling in the United States.

The newest version of the Buffalo Curling Club was founded in 2014 by a dedicated group of individuals who wanted to bring curling back to Buffalo. They recreated the history of curling in Buffalo by holding an outdoor bonspiel that attracted international teams, and having their leagues play outdoors in cold and snowy weather, just like they did in the 1800s.

In a few short years, the BCC moved curling indoors to a dedicated 4-sheet curling facility inside the old Buffalo China Factory. They now offer varying levels of competition within their league schedule, youth curling, Learn to Curl lessons, and rentals for groups who just want to give curling a try. Their facility is handicap accessible, and they welcome all who have an interest in the sport of curling.

The Buffalo Curling Club is a proud member of the Buffalo community and is committed to promoting the sport of curling in Western New York.



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Mission & VALUES

The mission of the Buffalo Curling Club is to promote and grow the sport of curling. We aim to increase public awareness and participation, organize and host regional and international competitions, develop amateur athletes for national and international events, and provide facilities and equipment to support our mission. Additionally, we are dedicated to introducing and engaging individuals under the age of 18 in curling through training, seminars, and regional competitions.

BCC Mission icon is a curling house with the BCC Logo at the center.


Our mission at the Buffalo Curling Club is to promote curling through increased awareness and participation, organizing competitions, developing amateur athletes, providing facilities and equipment, and engaging youth in the sport.

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Community Oriented