3rd Annual "Open Air" Bonspiel (March 12, 2016)

A Event

Champion: Rock Bottom

Runner Up: Curling Dervishes

B Event

Champion: Smooth Move

Runner Up: Lets Get It On

C Event

Champion: Stantan's Culers

Runner Up: The Island Curlers

D Event

Champion: Sweeping Disorder

Runner Up: Empty Ends

E Event

Champion: Slyde & The Family Stone

Runner Up: The House Hunters

Congratulations to all the teams listed, we look forward to next year's bonspiel!


2nd Annual "Open Air" Bonspiel (March 7, 2015)

  A Event

    Champion: The Extremer Team

    Runner Up: Plan D

  B Event

    Champion: X-Stream

    Runner Up: Roach, LaForte, Keller, Jakowski

  C Event

    Champion: 3 Brooms & a Sweaty Skip

    Runner Up: Rockin' the Sheets

  D Event

    Champion: Button Bandits

    Runner Up: Ice, Ice, Maybe

  E Event

    Champion: Binko

    Runner Up: Broom Goes the Dynamite



Inaugural "Outdoor" Bonspiel (March 8, 2014)

MANY THANKS to everyone that came out to join us, especially those traveling from ...out of the area (Ohio & Ontario) to join us for our Inaugural event.

And the WINNER was X-STREAM TEAM, a local team w/ a combined total team experience of 3 games & 4 practices. They were steady throughout the tournament and earned their win against TEAM HONIG, a team combined of St Catharine's & Niagara Falls curlers. The X-Stream team was down 2 going into the last end w/ hammer & made a perfect draw for 3 to win it all.       

  A Event

    Champion: X-Stream Team (3-0, 92 pts)

    Runner Up: Honig (2-1, 114pts)

  B Event

    Champion: Wolverine (2-0-1, 87pts)

    Runner Up: Robots Kill (2-0-1, 83pts)

  C Event

    Champion: Saladayga (3-0, 53pts)

    Runner Up: Brusha Brusha, w/ spares from Less Talk, More Rock (1-2, 54pts)

  D Event

    Champion: Buffalo Chips (2-1, 54pts)

    Runner Up: We Swept w/ Your Wife (1-2, 62pts)


    Champion: Curling, Larry & Moes (2-1, 53pts)

    Runner Up: Conrad (1-2, 53pts)

Other Participating Teams:

The Four Horsemen (1-1, 52pts)        

Team USA (1-1, 52pts)        

Less Talk, More Rock (1-1, 50pts)        

Wesler (1-1, 48pts)        

Kuster (1-1, 48pts)        

Game On Sports (0-2, 28pts)        

Appeal the Guard (0-2, 28pts)        

Geezers (0-2, 20pts)        

Circus Shot! (0-2, 14pts)        

Urban (0-2, 5pts)


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