In short, Our Mission is to increase public awareness and appreciation for the sport of curling, to increase public participation in the sport of curling, and to own and/or provide facilities and equipment for use in furthering the purpose and mission of the Corporation.

Our complete mission is to organize and operate regional, national and international amateur competition in the sport of curling; to conduct regional, national, and international amateur competitions in the sport of curling; to engage, support,  teach,  train,  and  develop  amateur  athletes  for  national and  international competitions  in  the  sport  of  curling;  to  increase  public  awareness,  appreciation, and participation in the  sport  of curling;  and to  own  and/or provide facilities and equipment for use in furthering the mission of the Corporation. Further,  the  Corporation  shall develop,  promote,  and  introduce  the  sport  of curling  to  individuals  under  eighteen  (18)  years  of  age  through  the  conduct  of trainings, seminars, and the conduct  of regional  and statewide  competitions.


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