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LEAGUE FEES (paid in full)

Beginner League (4-weeks - 10/3,7,17,24) - Sundays @ 6PM  $99 / person



(4x Individual)



     (1) Full Season Evening or (2) Bi-monthly/Half Season

     (1) Half Season Evening


     (1) Full Season Daytime

     (1) Half Season Daytime 














 to ADD 2nd & 3rd LEAGUES** (cost per league/member)

     (1) Full Season Evening or (2) Half Season

     (1) Half Season Evening


     (1) Full Season Daytime

     (1) Half Season Daytime 









* Includes a $100 fee for Annual BCC Membership (Oct 1, 2021- Sept 30,2022) that only applies to your first league of the season.

** Signing up for (2) or more Full Season Leagues gets you free entry into a new Sunday 8PM league designated for multi-league curlers.



LEAGUE FEES* (using payment plan***)

For a Single-League Curler or 1st league for a Multi-League Curler:

                                                                                         1st                    2nd                   3rd

Evening League          Full Season Individual ($415)       $155                $130                $130

                                    Half Season Individual ($260)      $130                $130                n/a

Daytime League         Full Season Individual ($315)       $155                $80                  $80

                                    Half Season Individual ($210)      $130                $80                  n/a

*** 1st payment due at time of registration, 2nd payment due by Nov 1, 2021, 3rd payment due by Jan 15,2022.



  • Leagues start 10/14/21, except for DOUBLES which starts FRIDAY 10/8/21
  • Evening Leagues: Sunday - Thursday evenings at 6pm & 8:15pm (start 10/14); Mon @ 8:15pm - Competitive, Thur @ 6pm - Novice, Sun @ 6pm - Beginner
  • Daytime Leagues: Mondays @ 10am, Thursdays @ 10am, Saturdays @ 10:30am; Mon & Thur - Casual (new teams every few weeks), Sat - Novice
  • Bi-Monthly Leagues: Fridays @ 6pm (1st & 3rd Fridays), Fridays @ 8pm DOUBLES (2nd & 4th)
  • Games are 6-ends (time-permitting), except for the Competitive league on Mondays @ 8:15pm and DOUBLES which are both 8-ends (time permitting). Note: Thursdays @ 8:15pm is being consider for 8-ends w/ strict time limits & would instead start 8pm)
  • Full Season October - April
  • Half Season October - January or Januarly - April
  • Individuals, Pairs and Threesomes are welcome to sign up for any team openings, and we will pair you with others looking for teammates.
  • To secure your team spot, at least initial payment must be received from all 4 members by Oct 1, 2021, so please engourage all teammates to promtply register.



The Board of Directors understands that both the style of play and COVID-19-related requirements could affect someone’s desire to register; therefore, we would like to give an update on our COVID-19 considerations for the 2021/2022 season.

So far, we intend to play with full “normal” rules (e.g. 2 sweepers, skip may sweep, etc.). We are monitoring the guidance from both the CDC and Erie County, and will make a decision regarding the requirement of masks based on the case situation closer to season start.

Therefore, the Board encourages everyone interested in curling to register during the appropriate window. Should either the COVID-related club policies or the case situation in the region cause a registrant to become uncomfortable, BCC will refund any money paid, as long as the registrant requests a refund prior to Week 1 play.

Obviously, our desire is to return to pre-COVID style policies and play as soon as possible. That said, the health and well-being of BCC curlers will remain our top priority. Thanks for your understanding.



  • League registrations are transferable at no monetary cost so individuals/teams are encouraged to find their own replacements prior to requesting refunds or credits. NOTE: It is the registrant’s responsibility to alert the league coordinator of the change.
  • No refunds will be issued when league nights are cancelled by BCC (ex. facilities issue, snow day, etc), however, at the discretion of the Board, the season may either be extended by a week so those games may be played on their regular day and time of the week OR other make-up game opportunities may be made available.
  • A full refund or full credit of league dues will only be issued if we are unable to place you or your team in a league; any membership benefits will be discontinued*
  • A full refund (less a processing fee) or full credit of league dues will only be issued if the request to withdraw from a league is made prior to the start of the session AND the individual/team spot is filled with another registered individual/team for the entire session; any membership benefits will be discontinued*
  • A prorated refund (less a processing fee) or prorated credit of league dues will only be issued if BCC is able to replace the withdrawn individual/team spot with a registered individual/team for the remainder of the session. The amount of the refund/credit will be prorated based on the week in which the replacement individual/team starts, not when the spot is relinquished; any membership benefits will be discontinued*.

* One may elect to continue supporting BCC through an Annual BCC Membership. In this case, the refunded amount will be reduced by the currently stated Social Membership fee for each individual that wishes to continue their membership benefits. If a payment plan was used, it is possible that an additional amount may still be owed.



Anyone whose dues are paid in full in advance of the season start, or those that are making their partial payments on time, AND who does not have any class, clinic, event, or league fees outstanding AND who has not had any privileges revoked due to a grievance, dispute, nor other offenses.



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